Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So...big news. I had surgery today.
Before you worry too much...I'll just explain. It's nothing serious, haha. I had this lump on my armpit that kept getting bigger and bigger, so I went into the clinic and had them check it out. The doctor looked at it and then gave me some anaesthetic, and then he cut it open and drained it out. It was a bacterial infection of some sort. It was nasty...he filled a whole vial with the junk that came out of it. He put me on two different antibiotics for the rest of this week. His only worry is that it may be a staph infection, so he sent the stuff away to be checked. It was an adventure, that's for sure.

The food is really starting to gross me out. It seems like everything is either processed, deep fried, battered, or overcooked. Breakfast makes me want to throw's always boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, under ripe cantaloupe, and oatmeal. The eggs either come with deep fried bacon that tastes like ashes or greasy sausages that taste like nitrates, haha. So I've been eating cracked wheat stirred up with peaches and orange slices every morning for breakfast. I can usually manage to choke it all down. I saw a Samoan elder eat 16 boiled eggs the other day, along with four glazed donuts and three or so glasses of chocolate milk...and that was a skinny Samoan Elder.

Lunch is usually some sort of burger...or leftovers from the previous four dinners. There is usually few different Entree options for lunch and dinner...I usually just pick the one that looks the least greasy. I had a chicken enchilada the other night that was decent. The popcorn shrimp were alright too, as long as you didn't look at them. I try to eat lots of salad and fruit and drink water. They have drink fountains with Caffeine free coke, sprite, root beer, fresca, orange pop, powerade, chocolate milk, and like 14 different kinds of drinking water can be a challenge.

My roommates and companion are hilarious. The one guy's mom mailed him a nerf hoop, so we throw down on that some nights. We are also building a pop can tower, which has grown pretty high in the last few days. The veteran missionaries on our floor always come by our room. They say that our room is the party room, and that we have big shoes to fill. We are trying our best. We opened up our Narnia holes yesterday (Narnia holes are empty spaces behind old light fixtures that missionaries stash stuff in before they leave the MTC)
and there were peanut butter cups inside! We also found a wad of chewed up starbursts that was probably the size of my fist. We went through them, but there was no prize in the middle. The dorms have been fun. Everyone is pretty tight on our floor.

Dad asked me a few questions...It's pretty funny, because the Elders serving in
Japan still do set up the chairs for firesides. They don't do the flag thing any more though, which is too bad. My district is pretty awesome - I'll list off everybody in it. Elder Williams: My comp, he's from California and plays drums. Elder Moreno: From Santa Barbara California, he sings in accapela groups (and Jianna, no he isn't Tongan, he's Mexican, haha. He got a really big kick out of that). Elder Comer is from Utah, and is half-Filipino. He plays guitar in a punk band and fixes old cars. Elder Sugden is from Cardston, he's actually aunt Mandy's cousin. He’s hilarious. Elder Clark and Elder Morgan are my roomies (from Utah), and they both play football and basketball and are really into sports. Elder Germaine is the district leader, he's from Utah also, and he always walks around with no shirt and yells "TAO PO!" in the dorms. He was singing hymns in the shower the other day. (Tao Po po pooooo, tao po-o [picture the tune of God Be With You Until We Meet Again]). Elder Bowers is from Washington State and he rides a motorcycle. He's 21 and is writing a girl that he's been dating for six years. Elder Wilding is from Alabama, and I don't really know what he does. We have a Hawaiian sister who lives in Utah, and a sister from American Samoa. I can't pronounce their names yet. Sister Huttelston is from Utah, and she played two years of college soccer.

The district is cool. Everyone gets along great.

The language has been coming good. I'm learning about verb conjugation and asking questions. I'll send you guys some Tagalog soon :)

I love you guys. I'll talk to you soon.
This week has been pretty good.


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