Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Four

Jared and his companion in front of the Provo Temple. Jared is able to attend the temple every Tuesday morning.

A sample of the food at the MTC!

Study time!
We've learned a whole bunch of grammar principles this week for Tagalog, so now we are able to ask abilitative questions (are you able to?) instead of just indicative questions (did you?). It makes a huge difference in a conversation.
Kumain po ba kayo ng Ibon ko? (Did you eat my bird?!)
Makain po ba ninyo and Ibon ko? (Were you able to eat my bird?)
Magbasa po ba kayo ng Aklat ni Mormon (Did you read the book of mormon?!)
Nakapagbasa po ba kayo ng Aklat ni Mormon (Were you able to read the book of mormon?)
It makes conversation a little less interagative with investigators.
We taught some BYU student volunteers at TLC last Wednesday. One of them was a teacher on our floor. We were teaching about prayer, and recieving revelation through prayer, and he asked us several specific questions. With our limited Tagalog, we gave him some pretty basic answers. After the lesson was over, he took us into a different room, and said, "Those were real questions that I have. You guys did pretty good in Tagalog, but I'm actually curious to know if you have any advice for me?" We thought it was kind of weird that he was asking us, I mean, because he was an RM and a teacher, but we gave him some feedback and bore our testimonies in English to him and it brought the spirit and helped him feel better about some concerns that he was having. It was pretty cool.
Another person we taught felt impressed to pray about an important decision after our lesson. She said that she could feel the spirit as we testified of prayer, and that she wanted to pray about more things in her life. It was pretty cool to actually see some of our messages sink in, because it doesn't always go that well with BYU student volunteers, haha.
So, you guys asked what my schedule was like on a day to day basis.
We usually wake up at 6:30 AM, except on Mondays (we wake up at 5:45 for service....which is basically cleaning out of of the other buildings on campus) and Tuesdays (we wake up at 6:00 to go to the temple). At 7:00 we have daily planning until breakfast which is at 7:45. After breakfast we have classroom time from 8:20 until 11:25, which is when personal study starts. We always study outside when the weather is nice, out by the back of the Joseph Standing building under the big oak trees. After Personal is study is Lunch at 12:25. We always skip the cafeteria and grab a bag lunch to eat in our dorm. Then, depending on the day, we either go to Gym, or to TALL, which is a language study program on the computers, we usually have an hour of language study before or after that, and then we either have class before or after dinner for three hours depending on when Gym is. We have night Gym twice a week at 8:10-9:00, which is super fun. We always go to the soccer field and play a huge game with all of the elders that are going to Japan. They just got five new elders in thier zone that are actually from Japan, and hardly speak a word of English. They are HILARIOUS, and really good soccer players. They often get confused about things (I tried to high five one of them, and he ended up shaking my hand and saying: "sorry...sorry.") I felt bad, because I was trying to congratulate him on a good pass that he had just made, but he thought I was disapointed in it. I tried my best to explain to him that it was an awesome pass...I think that he got most of it, haha.
Night gym is so fun. On Sundays, we have meetings all day, and then Sacrament meeting at 3:00. We all have to prepare talks on Sunday, and the Branch President will randomly select a few of us for sacrament to speak in Tagalog for 4-5 minutes. I haven't been picked yet. We are in bed by 10:30 every night. I use the 9:30-10:30 time to write letters, study, and write in my journal. Other Elders use it to play their harmonicas, do chinups, sing, play with the nerf basketball hoops that they smuggled in, or workout. It's a fun time.
Yeah, that's pretty much a typical 16 hours of the exact same thing. It's fun, and we learn a lot...but it still kind of feels like a prison, haha.
The food is really getting to me. I've had every dish at least twice by now. The best is the Spaghetti or the burrito, and the worst is the Tilapia or the Chicken Cordean Blu. They had a salad bar the other day...I almost cried with joy.
I ate like 2 plates.

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