Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuesday September 4th 2012

When I first got here on Wednesday, they gave me a brief orientation and then threw me straight into language studies. My teacher is Brother Ah Mu, and he didn't speak a word of English to us for the frist three days. When he finally did, I was so surprised. I didn't even think he knew English. I've been enjoying learning the language. Tagalog is very challenging, but extremely fun to speak. There aren't a whole lot of grammar rules so far, so I've been able to pick it up at a fairly good pace.

My companion is from Sacramento California. His name is Elder Williams. He plays percussion and tennis. He's a good guy. We get along real fact, our whole district gets along really well. I am in a room with Elder Williams and two other elders (Elders Clark and Morgan from Utah). We have a lot of jokes and manage to ease the tension every day with Tao po.
Tao po (tie-oh-poe) means 'Human' in Tagalog. For some reason, the Elders in our district use it for everything from a greeting to a curse.
I've learned how to have a pretty primitive conversation in Tagalog, as well as ask people if they have something (mayroon po ba kayong bacon?) (Wala pa akong bacon - I don't have any bacon) I can also pray pretty well in Tagalog and bear a small testimony. The language program here is amazing.

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