Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 5

Kumusta po ang pamilya ko!

Hey everyone! I can't believe that it's been five weeks already! It's crazy that I'm headed to the field in less than a month!

This week was pretty busy...We taught three lessons, and got one of our investigators to come to church with us (well, one of our 'investigators'). We committed our other one to following the word of wisdom (we went in to teach Brother Ah Mu, our teacher, who was playing the role of investigator and he was smoking a piece of chalk like a cigarette). The lessons have been going pretty well, but we are still pretty awkward with our Tagalog. Brother Ward, our evening teacher, told us that in the 20 minutes that we teach, we use about three minutes worth of Tagalog (if we had been fluent). It takes us about five minutes to say something that should only take one minute, haha. But it's coming along pretty good.

Other news...I got called as the District Leader on Sunday. I basically just interview senior companions and get the mail twice a day and conduct meetings. The extra responsibility is nice.  We did initiatories today and then got breakfast at the Temple Cafeteria (Soooo good haha). It was a good experience.

I only have four weeks left here...which means in four letters I will be heading to the Philippines! I'm so pumped...but so nervous.
Thanks for the support and love.

I love you all,
- Jared.

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