Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 7

Week 7                                                                                October 16, 2012

Pamilya ko!

I can't believe it's been a week since I last wrote you all. Time is flying by so fast. I'm sorry that there are no pictures this week...I didn't have time to take any. I'll try and have some next week though.

Thank you so much for sending the package...and thank you so much to the Zauggs for helping out with that. The mga korbata (ties) are maganda and the Christmas treats are delicious. I let my roomates each pick one out and they all went for the Russian Tea cakes. They are the best Christmas treats ever. Thanks for getting those together for me Mom.
Jared so happy to get packages! This one was from Lys!

A Tuko is this huge gecko that they have...the Filipinos are apparently terrified of them because they think that if one gets on you, it will stick to you and never come off. They also have teeth and like to bite [one of my teachers got bit on his mission]) won't get me in the Philippines.

This week has been super cool. Highlight of the week was last Tuesday night. Elder Bednar came and talked at our devotional! I was like, 50 feet away from him, close to the front. We got there like an hour early to get those spots. He had some sweet things to say about conference. He basically just went over several talks and then talked about how they were all related to conversion (His, elder Ballard's, Elder Eyring's). He then taught us a pattern to use for studying talks and scriptures.

1. Identify the doctrine, then find the principle. Ex. His own conference talk was the Doctrine of Repentance, and the principle of conversion.

2. Find the challenge. Most conference speakers will issue a challenge. We should find this challenge and then try to follow it. Following the challenge should mean that we follow the promptings of the spirit that we get relating to the challenge rather than just the exact words of the challenge.

3. Find the promised blessing. He talked about how every challenge that is issued comes with a promised blessing, and that when a apostle makes a promise in his talk, he is using keys from on high and that promise will be guaranteed to us if we follow the challenge.

It was a really cool talk, and I learned a ton. There seemed to be a really special spirit in the room as Elder Bednar entered, and everyone jumped to attention and stood dead still. 

He said something that was pretty funny, "There are no assigned topics in conference...President Monson didn't come up to us and say, 'Alright, Elders Bednar and Ballard - you speak on conversion. Elder Eyring, speak on prayer. Elder Holland...light it up.'" I love how someone can be so spiritual and then have a great sense of humor on the side.

We taught our very first Tagalog speaking family in TRC last week. The dad was American, and he served his mission in Cebu in the Phillippines. His wife is Filipino and speaks Tagalog. He can understand Tagalog, but speaks Cebuano. They have a cute little baby named Jacob. 

We taught them about the Holy Ghost and the feelings of the was pretty difficult, because the wife is fluent in Tagalog and speaks a million miles an hour. It was good practice though, and we were able to bear our testimonies and bring the spirit. It's just crazy to think that the people I will be teaching in two weeks are NATIVE SPEAKERS. Magalala ako, pero, sobrang excited ako (I'm worried, but really excited). It'll be pretty rough at first, I'm expecting major culture shock. Brother Ward, our evening teacher, is giving all of the Elders a talk about the native Filipino girls next week. Apparently there is a lot to watch out for. Yikes. He's already told us about the Tukos and the food and the cochroaches...those were bad enough, haha.

To mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. I love getting your weekly Dear Elders. Dad, I think one of my favorite things is reading about the food you are eating while is hilarious, and makes me slightly hungry, haha. When I get back we will have to have some more midnight snack times, haha. Mom, I love you. Thanks so much for getting all that stuff together just for me. I am doing great, and feeling healthy and loved. I can't wait to get out to the field.

Tell everyone else that I love them. I' think about you all often.

Just one more of these, and I'll be in the Phils!



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