Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 8

 This picture is of our district. From left to right (Elder Morgan, Elder Germaine, Elder Williams, Elder Clark, Elder Wilding, Elder Bowers, Me, Sister Huddleston, Sister Mamea, Sister Leuluai, Elder Sugden on ground). 

 Provo Temple at 5:30 am.

Our walk on our way back from the temple!

Week 8                                                                                        October 23, 2012
This is it! The last week!
I am totally freaking out, but I'm so pumped to get out of here, haha.

We had our departure lesson on Sunday, and President Anderson (the branch president) got us all pumped to get going. He always tells us that we are so lucky to be serving in a part of the world where the people are humble enough to accept the message. Our flight plans came four or five days ago...we are in for a long trip. I am travelling with Elders Williams, Clark, Morgan, Sister Huddleston, and a few elders from one of the other districts. We fly out from Salt Lake Monday afternoon, and land in San Fransisco later that evening. I am allowed to make a phone call from the airport to home. I will be calling around 8:00...if you guys want, I can make a phone call home to talk to the family and then a phone call to Mom and Dad in Arizona, I just need the number. I'll be using a calling card to do that. After a 6 hour layover in San Fran, we are getting on a massive jet and leaving for Hong Kong...which will take about 14 hours, and then we have another 3 hour flight to Manila and a 3 hour bus ride to Angeles from there! It'll be fun; we are told not to proselyte in the airports but Pres. Anderson encouraged us to take one English copy of the Book of Mormon and have it with us in case somebody asks us about it. Our job throughout the flights is to be talkative and friendly and give people a good impression of the missionaries and the church. I'm so excited to talk to people!

This week went really good, we had a really spiritual lesson with one of our TRC investigators (BYU students). She was a returned missionary from the Naga Philippines mission. We had a lesson plan ready, but when we talked to her, it was clear that the plan wouldn't work, so we ended up opening up the scriptures and the verses just kind of popped out at us and we were able to teach from them and bear testimony of them. It was really cool, because we were able to talk to her about stuff that she could work on with Prayer and listening to the holy ghost, and she actually learned something! We were sao surprised, because she had a really strong testimony and we were nervous about teaching her, but as we used the scriptures, we were able to help her learn something more, and I was able to get a stronger testimony about the power of the book of mormon. It was the best lesson we've ever taught.

We went to the temple this morning for the last time in a while. I'm really going to miss going there weekly. This morning's session was great, and I felt the spirit really strongly in the Celestial room, which was really comforting for me. I've been trying to focus on feeling the spirit more and recognize its promptings in my life. This week has been really good for that, and I've been able to recognize it several times.

Oh, and I finished off the Christmas treats on Saturday. They were so good. Thank you all so much :)

I love you all, and I will send you a massively long email next week as well as a phone call. If you could email me back soon, I will check quickly tomorrow for the right numbers to call. 
Mahal ko kayo! Totoo ang Simbahan nito! (the church is true)

Love, Jared.   

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