Monday, February 18, 2013

February 17, 2013

 Pusit! (Squid). We cooked it up adobo style but it didn't taste that great. 

 The finished squid adobo.

 Corn! They just harvested it. It's used for animal feeds. 

 Crabs! Fresh from the market!

 Ready to eat :)

The leftovers

Dear Family,
Hello and kumusta,

My week has been interesting as we’ve been proselyting in wealthier areas of Cuyapo. I think I have a feeling of what it must be like to serve in every other mission out there – hard. Haha. We had a lot of rejection and I even got yelled at when I tried to talk in English to this old British guy that I saw sitting on the porch of his CASTLE (such a ridiculously huge house for such a grumpy old guy). We first saw his wife, who was probably only thirty (he was probably eighty) and started talking to her in Tagalog, but then I noticed that there was an old white guy and I got excited, because there are only like five white people in Cuyapo. I tried to politely introduce myself and he got so mad. He stood up and started yelling at us and waving his newspaper around his head and cursing while raving about how disinterested he was in ‘Bloody Mormons’. Not a very polite fellow. We walked away before he could pull a cane on us. It was kind of a sobering experience for me. I am used to communicating with Filipinos, who are almost ALWAYS polite, even if they want nothing to do with you. They are always laughing and joking and it’s easy to get along with them.  I like them way better, haha.
But…despite challenges, we were able to get into some of the middle class houses (the ones that have cars and no holes in the roof) and get some return appointments for next week. Should be promising.
We also had two investigators come to church this week, which was so great. Sister Anita and Brother Tony. They are both older people (about 50) that live on their own. Brother Tony’s wife died about a month ago, which was really sad. We went to her funeral and he asked us to pray for her so that she could go to heaven. It was amazing to see his face light up the following week as we shared about the Plan of Salvation and told him about where his wife is now and how he can be with her again. He is progressing well, and he thought that church was okay. He has a lot of WOW problems that he is struggling with, but he is working on them and we are trying our best to help him. He is very lonely and we usually spend 40 minutes or so just hanging out and visiting with him before we start the lessons. He has a strong desire to change and especially to be with his wife again, and we are praying that he will be able to overcome his drinking and smoking issues and continue to progress.
Sister Anita is amazing. She lives alone with about 5 dogs in a little bamboo house, and she is so nice. She is searching for truth in her life and she told us that she will do whatever she needs to do to be saved. She is always asking questions, which is a good thing. She is studying and praying about the Book of Mormon right now, and is scheduled to be baptized on March 8. I hope I am still here for that, haha. She had a good experience in church, and went to all of the meetings – she even participated in Sunday School class and Relief Society. It is so great to be able to teach her. I just hope that nothing happens to stop her progress. We had another investigator before that really wanted to baptized, but she just stopped coming to church one day and we haven’t been able to find her since.
It’s been so good to find these people and get to know them…not just to teach them but to become their friends and spend time with them. It is such a blessing to serve here, where everybody is friendly and will share anything with you. We will be proselyting and people will just give us mangoes, or baked camote (kind of like potato..people are always giving them to us) or some of whatever they are eating. Everyone is so nice and you can meet someone and be good friends with them instantly.
As far as food goes this week…we bought some crabs this morning and cooked them up. It was an adventure, because neither of us really knows how to cook crab. They turned out pretty good though. They eat every part of the crab here except the gills and the shell, which took some getting used to for me but I got the hang of it – just scoop out all of the mush and try not to think about which body part it is, haha. We bought about 10 crabs for $5. They are much cheaper here than at home. I am going to try and do up some shrimp next week.
I’ve really enjoyed having Elder Dela Paz as a companion – I found out last week that he is a break dancer and used to dance on big dance teams in front of huge audiences. He’s super good at stunting…he can just throw a backflip right there in the middle of the street and do all of the crazy stuff that you see on Youtube. His birthday is also coming up soon – it is on February 29, haha. We are still going to celebrate anyways.
Yes, they do celebrate Valentine’s Day here, but it isn’t as commercialized here as North America. To celebrate, we went out and worked, haha. We also went on a ‘Valentine’s Date’ with Elder Olsen and Elder Espinosa (we were finishing up exchanges) and got some food. I think the high school here put on a dance or something and the rich people probably had parties for all of their friends, but I didn’t see too much celebration happening.
I am doing pretty good – a little stressed out about the coming transfers – there are two happening soon…one in two weeks and one at the end of March and I’ll get transferred during one of them. I hope I go at the end of March. It would be nice to see some of our investigators get baptized.
I love you all.

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