Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 13, 2013

 The chapel in Talavera - it has two floors!
 Cool Lizard that i caught. 
 Balut! I forgot to take another picture before I ate it, haha. 

 Cool kid I took a picture with. His mom somehow ended up in the picture too. He reminded me a lot of Jarom. 
 The staircase in our place leading down to the kitchen and bathroom.
 Our balcony
 Our bedroom. I sleep on the top bunk
 Our kitchen was full of ants, and Elder Monroe went nuts with Permetherin...these are all of the dead ants that spilled out of our counters.

The moon a few nights ago. It looked pretty cool.

Dear Family,
It’s been a pretty crazy week. I’m still getting used to this new area and it’s been really hard to adjust. It’s just so different from my last area. The people are great here though – we actually had a baptism this last week, haha, although Elder Monroe and Elder Corpuz were the ones that did all of the teaching (it was before we got here) It’s just amazing to see how fast the new group out here has been progressing. There is one group of houses out there (probably 20 houses or so) where almost everyone has been baptized in the last year or so, and all of the members there have referrals. What usually happens is we’ll be teaching a lesson to one house, and the people from three or four other houses will just walk in to be a part of the lesson. It is great to see the enthusiasm there, but it can be difficult to teach sometimes above all of the discussion that goes on, haha. It’s been good though.

My new companion is pretty cool…he isn’t actually 25 – he’s twenty. (he was just joking around with me). He’s super serious and really quiet, and it’s been a bit tricky to work effectively because I tend to be a little bit shy and now I have to lead almost every lesson as well as finding. I’m sure it will be for the best…the Lord is probably preparing me to be a stronger missionary and teaching me to have more confidence in myself. It’s been stressful though.  We’ve really been focusing on finding and working with the members in Bertese to teach their families and friends. There are two parts to missionary work: Planting and harvesting, and we’ve just basically been harvesting the work of the other two missionaries that are here, which is kind of nice (we have 5 or 6 baptisms coming up). I’ve been trying to get more focused on doing some planting so that the work will continue to be strong, but it’s been tough to get a good start on things. Our area is HUGE…we have to take trikes or jeeps everywhere and it I sometimes 20 or more kilometers from one area to another. We’ve probably only visited 1/20 of our area so far.
I’ve been enjoying the area though…we have a supermarket and a 7-11 which has been great. I’ll probably grab a slurpee later or something, haha. I also had my first peanut butter since the MTC yesterday…I ate the whole jar with a spoon in about 3 days, haha.

We haven’t been able to watch conference yet (they broadcast it a week later here) but I am super excited for it. We get to watch every session. Conference in the MTC was amazing and I can’t wait to watch it in the field. It is always so great to hear the messages from the Prophet and the General Authorities. We will also hopefully have some investigators that will attend.

That’s about all I have to report…

I love you guys!

Love Jared. 

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