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May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013
Hey Dad!
They do celebrate mother's day here but I don't think it is as commercialized and honored as it is in America. There aren't as many presents and flowers and stuff like that. The ward did a really nice program though where the primary sang and one really cool kid gave a talk. It was really nice. 

My week has been good. We extended three baptismal commitments on Saturday, and now have eight people scheduled to be baptized in June. We'll just have to try and get them all out to church now (that's the real challenge). We have two people who will will be baptized on June 1 though who are coming to church, which is good. We also scheduled a wedding with a part member family so that the wife can be baptized. She wants to be baptized so much, but can't because her and her husband aren't yet married. Her husband is less active and really didn't want to meet with us at first. I caught him hiding last week behind his house and went to talk with him, and now he sits in on the lessons. They have a marriage goal date for July 15, which we are very excited about. 

We are still waiting on the Church for confirmation on a meetinghouse, but we should have an official branch set up here in another month or so. It's been really exciting to see the progress here. The members are amazing here and every single progressing investigator that we've been teaching has been a referral. We have family home evenings with all of them twice a month and a big group scripture study every week to help them become more united as a group.
Oh. I'm also training now. I don't know if mom read you her email, haha. My new companion is awesome and the work is getting a lot better here. My american roommate also got a new companion you is half-japanese. His name is Elder Tsunoda and he's really cool...he's totally fluent in English and he's from the southern Phils. 

Love you guys,

My week has been good - I was surprised last Wednesday when our ZL's announced that my companion would be transferring and that I would be training a new missionary. It kind of scared me actually...I thought I had at least another six weeks with Elder Soberano. It's been a little bit stressful training, but I like it. I feel like we are more focused on our work now and that we both have the same goal to work hard. My new companion is Elder Magno, and he is from Bicol, an area of the Philippines where they grow hot peppers. He is really quiet and speaks slowly (he won't speak in Tagalog to me...he wants to learn English) and is really good at cooking. He puts hot peppers in everything, haha. 

For Mother's day here, we went to church in the bigger ward in the morning. They had the seven or eight active primary kids sing some songs and then one of them gave a talk in front of the whole congregation. This kid was maybe like 6 years old, but he stood up there and gave the sweetest talk about why families are important and about why mothers are important in families and in the church. This little kid is practically fluent in English (he speaks better than most of the FIlipino Missionaries that I know) so a lot of the talk was in English. It was really impressive and I had to hide my face because I started getting emotional. He reminded me a lot of Jameson. 

I love you Mom. Looking back to my life, I don't think I would have made it without a great mom like you. Even if I was the guinea pig in the family,  you have always done a wonderful job of raising me and encouraging me to do the right things. One story I love to tell to the investigators here is the time that I wanted to go out with my friends and you told me you didn't feel like it was a good idea, but I bothered you about it and then I ended up going and wrecking my leg and getting into some trouble. I relate it to the principle of obedience and honoring your parents. I hope a lot of the youth here are learning from my mistake there, haha. I also tell the story about when I was looking for a job and you encouraged me to pay my tithing...and after I paid it, Rick Humphreys pulled up in his car a few days later and gave me a job. 

Thank you for everything that you do for me Mom. If I could give every person in this world one gift, it would be to have a mother just like you. There wouldn't be a problem left in the world if that were the case.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day =]

Love Jared.  

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