Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16, 2013

(This is Jared's mom. I was sent this link from a missionary mom in Raymond who got it from a Sister Pink in the Philippines who videoed Elder Hubbard teaching a Family Home Evening Lesson. It is so awesome to watch him interact and teach this group. Here is the link!)

Dear Family,
Your steak dinner sounds like it was really good. I didn't have steak last night (I had it last week though, with rice) but Brother Cuay cooked us a bunch of fish dishes with a side of baby potatoes and onion rings. There was some grilled fish in really spicy sauce and then some raw fish that had been marinated in vinegar for a couple of hours and served with sauce (that was super good...the vinegar kind of 'cooks' the meat. I ate quite a bit of it). I definitely miss the garden veggies at home though. 
We were coming back from playing soccer/volleyball at the field close to the stake center here and we saw a whole bunch of the temple workers from Manila drive in to the stake center. I met and Elder and Sister Barfuss from Medicine Hat. They are related to Brett Barfuss. It was good to chat with them for a little while. I also got to chill with Elder Palmer a little bit this week. He came and lived in our house right after he finished his term as AP. He's a way cool missionary. I think Sister Pink has some pictures of me and him together. 
This week was okay. I have a new companion now and he is THE MAN. haha. His name is Elder Adorza, and he's from Lette (pronounced lay-tee) in the southern Philippines. He's probably 5'1 or 5'2, but he's one of the buffest guys I've ever seen. He is in to probably 5 different types of martial arts...his favorite one is from Thailand. I forget what it's called but they only use their elbows and knees to fight. Pretty crazy. I really like him a lot - our work is already getting a lot better and we were able to find some new investigators this week!
We had some more good lessons with that family from Australia this week. They came to church this week and said that they had a good experience there. We shared a quick message to them and their family, and then started teaching their 12 year old son who wants to be baptized. It was great because the Dad and the older brother shared their testimonies and contributed a lot to the lessons. My companion bore his testimony too in English, which was really hard for him I'm sure (he doesn't speak any English), but it was amazing how the spirit entered in the room because he had the faith to open his mouth and share those things that he felt with them...even if he wasn't sure if they would understand. It all came out great and the lessons were just awesome all around. 
We've been a little braver about going house to house this week too...the responses we get here are pretty funny sometimes. We had walked up to a house yesterday and 'tao po-ed' it (called in from the gate), but nobody came out. As we turned to walk away, the owner of the house (a woman, probably 40+) walked up from the road and we said hi to her and tried to introduce ourselves. All she said was 'thank you' in English and then ran into her house and shut the door. Pretty weird, but we laughed about it later.  

I'm really excited to start working with my new companion here. We have a baptism coming up next week and we plan on finding a LOT of people. As many as will listen to us. Bahala sila kung ayow nila, haha. (it's their loss if they don't want to listen). 
I love you guys. 

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