Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Out Tracting :) Just a couple days ago.

Kumusta Family! 
I am terribly sorry to hear about the measles outbreak that is sweeping across southern Alberta...make sure you are all drinking plenty of water and getting a few extra measles injections (just kidding). I hope everyone feels better soon. 
Snow. :) Can you guys send pictures?
I got a great surprise in the pouch on Saturday...a whole bunch of letters from all of you and one from Grandpa Al. It was super good to hear from all of you. Thank you so much for the letters. I actually haven't seen that video of the family home evening yet, but I think it's funny that you all got to watch it. I was comparing my voice in one of my camera videos to my voice in a video that I took in my first area and there is definitely a difference, haha. I love speaking in Tagalog.
This week has been good. It is nice to see the work slowly go uphill here in Angeles. We were able to have a lot of success this week in finding...AND there where no debates or close calls with people wanting to kiss us, haha. We have been working in the Lourdes Sur neighborhood more and finding even more people to teach. There are a lot of streets there and we've just been going door to door. We were really surprised when a girl and her two younger siblings and their friend (two of which were teenage boys, so it was okay) let us in the house. They were waiting for their mom to come home from Malaysia...she had been gone for 2 years to work and she was coming home that same day. We happened to have the Restoration Video on hand so we watched it them and they were really interested. I love the Joseph Smith story, and the spirit is always strong during that video. We are going to visit them again on Tuesday. I love teaching youth because they have such strong faith. They aren't closed minded at all. 
We also met a woman named Amor who is a faithful Catholic but feels like something is missing. She has been meeting with a few other religions as well and was excited about the Book of Mormon when we gave it to her. She says she is looking for more truth in her life, and is ready to follow the Spirit if it tells her where to go. I feel like the Gospel is really meant for people like her - people who love God and want to follow him as best as they can. They aren't afraid to read the Book of Mormon, or open their hearts to the message. The best part is, the Gospel will not take away the things that they already believe will just add to it and make it even better. Some people get too hung up on the Bible or God's name or the Sabbath Day - which are important (well, the Bible and the Sabbath Day are) - but they miss the most important thing - that through Jesus Christ we can all be saved. We can become LIKE God by following his commandments. We can receive guidance and revelation in our own lives and eternal progression and families in the next life. I feel like so many people are missing out on this!
The ward is starting to get a lot more involved in the work too. I think that some of the members here might have lost trust in the missionaries in the past, so it's been kind of hard to get referrals and stuff (although there are a lot of dinners). We've been trying hard to be diligent and helpful to the ward and some good things are starting to happen. The ward here is awesome and everyone fulfills their callings and assignments. Yesterday, the Stake President walked in to all of the different quorums and shared a message about the importance of giving referrals. A couple months ago he had committed the entire stake to each give one name to the missionaries to teach, and in the ward yesterday he followed up with EVERY QUORUM, haha. He asked everyone in the whole Elder's Quorum (made up of RM's for the most part) about their referrals, and was a little bit put off when only a couple elders raised their hands. Needless to say, by the time his message was over, a lot of them were pretty uncomfortable...haha. I think sometimes as members is it awkward or even scary to talk to our friends and coworkers about the Gospel, but we forget that it is a huge responsibility of ours that we will one day be accountable for. I love the ward here and the members and I hope we will be able to help them overcome their trepidation and fears so that they can do their part too in this work. I understand now why the missionaries in Magrath would suffer through so many casseroles every night...just for the chance that they might be able to receive a referral and have someone to teach there, haha. 
I am so grateful for the members that do help us out and support us in the work. Especially the leaders here. They are fantastic leaders. The secret to missionary success is definitely being united with the members, and I am seeing that more and more. It makes me want to do all I can after my mission to help the Elders.
I love you guys so much. Thank you for all of the letters. I know that this church is true. I can't believe that in about a week I will have been out for 15 months. It is going way too fast. 
Have a gooder :)
Love Jared.  

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