Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Daryn and I decided we would invite everyone to join in a fast for Elder Hubbard this coming Wednesday, December 18, 2013. He is still experiencing serious health issues and he could use our love, prayers, and a combined fast to help him right now. Thank you so much...I know that if God wants to heal him a miracle can happen when we combine our faith and prayers.

 Illocano Food! With some of the members. The noodles are called pansit, the salady--type stuff is made of fish paste, tomatoes, unripe mango, and sprout-type things. The stuff at the back is made of coconut milk, okra, eggplant, and a little bit of pork and squash. Way good.  
 The river that flows along our area. Our whole area is basically just the stretch of road along this river. 

This sketchy bridge we have to cross every day...its basically just sheet metal nailed together. There's another one that's a hanging bridge made of planks...way scary.

Hey Mom/Family,

My new area is called Pindangan, it's in the Camiling Zone...probably the most wildernessey place in the mission, haha. That's okay though...there's mangoes here. LOTS of mangoes, haha. 

As for the bank probably got de-activated when you got the new one. That's okay though. I lasted a whole 14 months without having to get a new debit card. The bank workers at home would be so proud of me, haha. 

Its been a pretty okay week...we're still getting used to the area (the elder I replaced here just got called as a ZL, so my companion has only been there about a week) but the work is picking up. We have five investigators that are progressing and two of those 12 year old girls are going to be baptized this week. The third opted out...her parents are less active and told her to stop investigating because they want her to focus on school (I probably wouldn't have started teaching her in the first place because she is so young and her parents are unsupportive). The other two should be okay though because both of their older sisters are active. They are excited to be baptized. I'm also excited...baptisms are always a huge blessing. I will also be able to achieve the goal I set for 2013...12 baptisms. I'm really happy about that...when I made the goal, I felt like 12 was the right number and that I would be able to accomplish it. Our mission is also really close to achieving it's goal of 1350 baptisms, which is a huge miracle. It is amazing what can be accomplished with the Lord's help.

It's been a bit of a tough week for me...I have really been looking for answers and for what the Lord would really have me do. There have been a lot of good things happen this week that have given me comfort. I was reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, section 101 about how we must be tried as Abraham in order to be sanctified. We have to be able to endure trials with faith and endure chastening in order for the Lord to be able to work with us and mold us. I also read in 103:12 where it says "after much tribulation comes the blessing.' I know that there are so many blessings waiting for us if we can endure our trials. 

We also had the chance to attend District Conference this week (Camiling is made up of two districts...there isn't a stake yet) and it was really good. President Martino talked about revelation, and how to know that our personal revelation is coming from God and not our own minds. He said the we have to compare the answer we've received to what it says in the scriptures, and to what the modern prophets have said. He also shared what he does personally to make sure that revelation is coming from God...he prays about it 3 times, and if he gets the same answer all three times, he is absolutely sure that it is coming from God. Elder Villanueva of the Area Seventy also spoke about the importance of missionary work at one of the sessions, and I got to be a part of a role play/demonstration on how to teach the gospel to active members and ask for referrals. It was a little bit nerve-racking to teach in front of so many people but the spirit was strong and one of the members that we taught said that as we taught her, a name came into her mind of someone she could refer to the missionaries. They are really pushing here (and all over the world I'm sure) for the members to be more involved with missionary work. I've been learning more that as missionaries it's important to not just ask for referrals, but to teach short powerful lessons that will help the members to feel the spirit and receive inspiration for who to share the gospel with. 

The best part of the conference was when the youth stood up and sang As Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman. As they sang the spirit bore witness to me of the power and truth of missionary work and I've decided, no matter what happens, that I always want to do my best to be a missionary. D&C 88:73 is one of my favorite verses. It is so true and we are so blessed to be a part of this time and this work right now. 

I love you all. I'll let you know about how skype is going to work this year. It will be next week sometime most likely. It's crazy how fast it comes around...I feel like we just skyped last month, haha. 

Have a great week! I love you guys, 


P.S: JAROM! Happy birthday dude! I can't believe that you are actually 6! You're probably huge now! I hope your birthday is so fun and that you find a big pachicephalosaurus or something like that. Also, tell mom to make sure that your machine gun should be a M-16...because that's what all of the police carry around here, haha. Love you buddy!

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