Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"A Bible, A Bible! January 27, 2014

Dear Family,

"A bible, a bible! We have got a bible, and we need no more bible!" Seems to be the trend this week. We had a great discussion with a man about the Book of Mormon, but he wouldn't let us open up the actual book or share it with him because he only believes in the Bible. Our assurances that the Book of Mormon does more to support the doctrines of the Bible than any other book in the world helped little if at all. It was a good discussion though and we could tell that he was really thinking. I think it could have easily been a debate but we decided to be sincere and kind and the spirit gave us some things to say. I feel I've been taught a lot about patience in my conversations with those of other faiths. A lot of people reject us just because they are taught to, but if the spirit is there in the conversation, it will always leave an impression on them. 

We have had more success this week with finding. We went on splits yesterday with the youth again and were able to find more youth to teach. The youth here are great fellowshippers and have no fear about sharing the gospel. I was finding yesterday with Jev, Bernie and Maverick (Maverick leaves for his mission this week...the other two are around sixteen) and we came across an older lady who was out sweeping. She was kind of deaf so in a very loud voice I asked her if she was interested in listening to us but she didn't really understand. As we were talking to her though, her son came walking by, so we talked to him too. It turns out he was taught before. BUT, he didn't have any time to listen, so he told us to go teach his daughter Judy-Lyn, who is Jev and Bernie's age. The Dad told us that Judy-Lyn has wanted to come to church for a while but is shy because she doesn't have any friends there. It was perfect timing...we taught about the Restoration and then Jev said after, "Sister Judy-Lyn, you don't need to be shy about coming to church because Bernie and I are there. We'll help you out." (but in Tagalog of course). It was pretty funny. Those two are great. We're pretty sure she'll come to church next week. Hopefully we'll be able to teach her dad too next week. 

We had another great sacrament meeting yesterday too. Sister Ibarra's kids - our investigators - brought a couple of friends to church with them and one of the young women in the ward brought a friend too. This particular sister is great...she's brought three different friends now to church with her. Also, Martin and Manny came to church...they are 12 and 9. Their parents are members but don't come to church. We don't want to baptize them until their mom comes back, but we think she'll be returning soon. All in all 9 investigators were at church. Huge blessing. 

As far as adventures this week go...a bunch of us were waiting to cross the highway this week to go to a service project, and this old lady went to cross and got clocked by a motorcycle. She was lying there in the road unconscious and Elder Emelio and I carried her over to the side and started doing first aid on her. She was breathing, thankfully, because her face was really cut up and CPR wouldn't have been safe. I checked all of her vitals and one of the sisters bandaged up her foot. There was a lot of blood but she ended up being okay. 

I haven't been feeling too good this week. I'm still praying and thinking about what the best course of action is. I'm going to talk to President Martino about it too this week. I love you guys and I'll let you know what's happening. 

The church is true!

Love Jared. 

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  1. Hi. We love reading your posts about Elder Hubbard. Our son, Elder Green, who has only been in the mission for a short time is in the same zone as Elder Hubbard. He sent some pictures home yesterday and we saw him with Elder Hubbard. We hope your son is doing better health wise. We will keep him in our prayers.

    The Greens