Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey Family,

Today we had a boodle fight as a zone. Every district brought ulam (food you eat with rice) and rice for it. What you do with a boodle fight is you lay down banana leaves on a big table and dump out all of the rice and ulam in the middle...then you all stand around the table and eat it with your hands. It's kind of gross because there are 20 of you digging into the same food pile with your hands. It was fun though. I made some chicken...I bought two kilos of meat and marinated in it Kikkoman soy sauce with a little bit of honey, some chili, a lot of garlic, and ginger. Then I slow cooked it all in pineapple juice. It turned out pretty good. I love cooking. 

Lesson I learned this week - Samoan's eat like machines. One of the Elders in my district is Samoan and I went on exchanges with his companion. I told him he could help himself to my food. Bad idea. When I got back to the apartment he had eaten 1/2 kilo of my chicken (that's two big meals for two elders), 1 kilo of bananas (a week's worth), almost all of my Miracle Whip (I've gained a fondness for miracle whip here) and 3/4 of my companion's bread, 1 kilo of rice (2 days supply for us), half of my tomatoes, all of the grape flavored Mentos out of my companion's stash (he left the other flavours), and a lot of my oatmeal. Yeah. we had no food for three days after that, haha. 

We had a really good of the best days being yesterday when we went on splits. I worked with Rodolfo again...he's a cool guy. He wants to go on a mission so badly but his mom won't let him go until he finishes college. It's such a shame because he's already such a great missionary...he'll even go visit his friends and show them the Joseph Smith video and teach them the lessons. He told me yesterday that we need to talk to everybody about the gospel...and if they don't want to hear about it, it's their loss, but we can be happy and know that we did our part. Great's so true. Sometimes when I'm scared to talk to people I just think, "Come on Elder Hubbard, you'll probably never see this person again...which is why you have to talk to them now." It's amazing who is willing to listen if we just take courage and open our mouths. 

We were really happy yesterday at church. When Sacrament meeting started we only had two investigators there. We were disappointed because the Ibarra family hadn't shown up. We kind of just accepted that they weren't there, but then as the last speaker got up they all walked in the door - with two of their friends. In all we had 9 investigators at church. It was a miracle. They are progressing well...the Word of Wisdom is the only challenge.

As far as my health is concerned...I've been able to keep going. Our work is going uphill and we're starting to reach more people. I've become more confident and open with the people in our area. I've started to cough a little bit of stuff out of my lungs, so I think whatever I've been stricken with must be starting to come out. I think I'm just going to keep going until I hit the finish line. Go lang nang go. 

Also, I have all of the medicine's now. Which of the BC things should I be taking? 

I love you all, and I hope things continue to go well. I am so blessed to have you guys for a family.
Oh, and adventure of the week! We were working in Pindangan 2nd, which is way far out into the rice fields, and we needed to get to Bacabac that evening for an appointment. Bacabac is on the complete other side of our area and is about a 2 hour walk if you go by the road. There is a short cut though through the fields that is a lot faster. The shortcut goes through two two huge mango orchards and about 1 1/2 km or so of corn fields (the corn is really tall here right now). We left Pindangan 2nd around 6 or so, and one of the members guided us through the first mango orchard and then we told him we could manage. It was really dark by then, and all we had was a little flashlight. The second mango orchard stretches across probably 1 km, and there wasn't really a well-defined path, so long story short, we ended up going out the wrong end of the orchard. We went back four times to try and find the right way out, but it was hopeless. We had no idea where we were, and we were so far away from any houses that it was impossible to determine where to go. Anyways, after a lot of prayers and about two hours of walking through corn, we were able to find a path and eventually stumbled back onto the road at about 8:30. We dropped by one of the member's houses and she felt so bad for us that she gave us dinner even though it was so late. I don't think I've walked so far in my entire mission, haha. I'm just glad we made it out and didn't have to sleep in the corn fields. 


Love you guys. Mwah mwah. Choop choop.

Love Jared. 

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