Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Guyabano is the best fruit ever. It's also called soursop for those who have played Amazon Trail. It's kind of hard to find sometimes but I've been able to get some this week. It, combined with the nectar of life (coconut water) has been helping me a lot health-wise this week. It was a good week...a lot of progress with our investigators. I feel a bit stronger too this week :) Guyabano is the best fruit on earth. It's been cool...since I haven't been feeling good I've had a lot of ideas enter into my head about what I can take - guava leaves, guyabano fruit, coconut water. I was in a little hardware store the other week and I saw this little bottle of chinese medical oil (made from herbal stuff). I couldn't read the label (it was in chinese) but I felt like buying it and it numbs out the pain. The pain has gone down a lot this week. I've been just trying to keep a positive attitude and focus on others as much as I can. 

This week was marvelous. Remember Jobert? The investigator we have who is investigating the Iglecia ni Cristo? We had a great lesson with him. In the lesson before he had drilled us with questions, expecting an answer from the Bible, so during personal study I found about 10 verses about the divinity of Christ, and several more about other things like the sacrament, prophets. We also found a lot of good cross-references for him in the Book of Mormon for those verses. We taught him about the Atonement and resurrection onWednesday, and as we spoke, the question came up again about the divinity of Christ and the Godhead (The Iglesia teach that Christ is only a man, and that the God is the only god...they don't support the godhead), and we showed him several bible verses (1 John 5:7, John 1:1,14, stuff like that). He was very receptive and willing to learn and seemed to be shocked that there were verses in the Bible to support the doctrine of the Godhead. He wrote them all down, haha. The best part of the lesson though was when we read in Alma 7 about the Atonement and baptism. We bore our testimonies and the spirit entered into the discussion. We told him that no matter how much we know about the scriptures, only the Holy Ghost can show us the truth. We challenged him again to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and to be baptized when he receives an answer. He accepted. It was a great lesson for me...the spirit came when our testimonies were there. If we can just used the Bible and our knowledge, I believe that lesson wouldn't have turned out the way it did. We were super happy to see Jobert at church on Sunday. He's a great investigator and really has a sincere desire to follow the Lord's will for him. 

Our other investigators are doing good too...I am amazed at how much MJ has changed. When we first met him, he was kind of reluctant, awkward, and quiet. He kind of just sat there while we taught his girlfriend and her little sister (Sister Eva's kids). Now he has been to church probably about 6 times, has prayed in Elder's Quorum class, and is doing so good with the Word of Wisdom. We challenged them to go a whole week without smoking or drinking and they have been going strong. MJ has also been reading the scriptures a lot. Last night we shared about the 2000 stripling warriors, and as we were introducing the message, I mentioned that there are a lot of wars in the Book of Mormon and MJ piped in: "Oh yeah, that's in Alma right?" I was surprised that he knew that. They are all so much happier now...we can see it in their faces. 

We weren't able to teach Manuel this week but he took an hour to drop by sacrament meeting before heading off to Tarlac. He's an awesome investigator too. We might have to arrange a wedding for him though before he can be baptized. We'll have to see. 

Besides the work, things are alright. I've gotten kind of lazy with cooking but have been eating a lot of Goto lately (look it up...a picture is worth a thousand words). It's cheap and tasty with bread. I usually don't eat the tripe though. I've been trying to eat more fruit and vegetables lately too. There is so much good stuff here...soursop, guava, and coconuts are some of my favorites. Fresh papaya is also so good. President Mabalot gives us a lot of food all of the time too. He's a great branch president. 
    picture of Goto (kinda like a porridge as far as I understand :) )

Transfers is coming this week. I have the feeling that I'm being transferred. It's okay though. I'm happy to serve wherever and as whatever I'm called. It's scary to think that my next area could be my last one in the mission.

I love you guys and I love the Gospel. It is so true.
Keep going strong in the faith and being amazing. I'm so lucky to have you all as a family. 



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