Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 New Assignment

Hello Family!

It's been an exciting week of adventures. I have a new assignment now that involves a lot of paperwork, so I am really sorry if I don't reply to all of your emails. 

I got transferred this week to Tarlac City - I go to church in the stake center where the mission office is, so anything that gets sent to me will get here quickly, haha. Tarlac is huge, but not as big as Angeles. There seems to be more sketchy areas and squatter communities here though. The culture here is Kapampangan, which means I'll be eating some really good sisig while I'm here :) My new companion is Elder Leduna. He was in the same district as me in my first area and he was also my ZL in my second area. He's only got about three months left...I might even be his last companion, haha. I was super happy when I found out I'd be his companion. The last couple of days of work have been phenomenal. I feel like we're always on the same page when we teach.

I was kind of sad to leave my last area because the members there are amazing and there are five baptisms coming up this month. It was funny because the missionary that took my place there is actually the one who trained Elder Gernale (my companion in my last area). They get to be companions again. I am happy though overall with what happened this transfer. Just a little bit overwhelmed though. 

We also had MLC this week and the topic was becoming a master teacher and teaching doctrine. I learned so much. Sometimes as missionaries it's easy to get into things that aren't actually doctrine (like telling someone that it is not allowed to watch TV on Sundays). President taught us to stick with the doctrine of the scriptures and Preach my Gospel and teach it as simply as possible. One thing I really liked that he said was that if we freely give answers to people's questions, they will forget them, but if we give them something to study and tell them to find it, it will never leave them. I want to apply that more in the work. 

I haven't had much of a chance to work this week, (the MLC was a whole day) but so far I love it here. The members are amazing and there are over 200 people at church every week...with almost 50 ACTIVE PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS. It's like heaven, haha. 

I love you guys so much. I'll send some stories and stuff next week. 



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