Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014 Happy Mother's Day

We got to skype with Jared on Mother's Day. It was so awesome to talk with him. He has some sort of accent! He is doing really well even though he is still experiencing health issues. He said he tries not to think about the pain and just moves forward with the work. Listening to him reminded me of the story of the People of Limhi and how their burdens were made light as they continued to put their trust in God. He is running hard to the end! I get emotional just thinking about how much he has been blessed to be able to continue to do the Lord's work. Here is his short letter :)

Dear Family,

It was great to see you all today! You are all looking great. It was great to talk with Grandma and Grandpa too. So many exciting things have been happening over there. 

This week was really good...we've had a lot happening with investigators. We talked about accidents earlier on Skype and as we were driving home with the APs I saw ANOTHER accident. This lady got hit by a motorcycle as she was crossing the street. I don't think she was hurt too bad but she was having trouble breathing. I helped lift her into a trike. The hospital was only 1/2 block away thank goodness. 
People drive like total maniacs here. 

We also ordered pizza to celebrate Mother's Day with. I can't eat pizza like I used to. 

I think we talked about almost everything earlier, but I remember something funny one of our investigators (he's part member family). We taught him about Adam and Eve and how they were commanded to 'multiply and replenish the earth' and how they are our first parents here on earth and he put up his hand and asked, "Didn't they get tired doing all that?" We had a hard time staying composed. I remember teaching him about the priesthood too. After we explained it to him we asked him what the priesthood was and he said, "So wait...if I get the priesthood I'll have powers like Goku?" We told him he needed a lot of hair gel to be like Goku...and then explained it again. Kids are so funny. 

I love you guys. The church is true. I am studying about the Atonement right now in the BOM and so far my favourite chapters are 2 Ne 2 and 2 Ne 9. The Atonement is such a great thing. 

Love Jared. 

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