Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 Fathers Day

Hey Dad,

Happy Fathers Day! We've been talking this month in the mission about being a visionary missionary and catching the vision from our leaders. One example that was given was Lehi and Nephi. Nephi definitely caught the vision from his dad, and I feel like you have always helped me to have a vision in my life of what I should do to be the most happy. And now I'm doing it, and I am happier than I would be doing anything else. Thanks so much for being my Dad. 

My companion and I ate a Japanese Fast food restaurant today and I ordered Chicken Oyakodon. I'm pretty sure you used to make it at home sometimes. Elder Tsunoda and I would make it at the apartment a lot too. We also had some california rolls which were good. My companion wasn't a big fan of the wasabi though, haha.

Thanks for everything Dad. I'm excited to catch up more with you after working like a wild man for the next eight weeks. 

Love you, 


Hey family! 

It's been a good week here in Tarlac. I'll find out tomorrow where my next area is. I'm thinking it will be somewhere out in the middle of nowhere like my fourth area was. I'm okay with that though. 

Thank you guys for all of the updates and Happy Father's Day to all of the tatays and lolos out there. 

I think the best experience this week came in the form of a simple miracle we had finding. I already wrote to President about it so I'll just paste it here: 

I had another small miracle happen this week with OYMing. We were looking for a referral that a member had given us and were having trouble finding him. A guy walked by and asked us if we were looking for something and we were able to get directions from him before he walked into his house. Once he was inside, we looked at his house and it was the exact house number that was listed in our planners. Thinking he was the referral we were looking for, we knocked and he came out. It turns out he wasn't the person we were looking for (we had been given the wrong address). I had the strong impression that I needed to talk to him, but I was embarrassed and we ended up apologetically leaving. As we walked away, I just felt sick inside. The ward missionary who was working with us felt the same way. We walked about a block and then stopped and looked at each other and decided to go back. I felt so bad for ignoring the first prompting but as we came closer to the house the words I needed to say popped into my head and when we knocked a second time (when he came out he looked a little confused by this point) they just came out, "Hello Brother, we're sorry for bothering you again, but we have forgotten something important." We gave him a Restoration Pamphlet and set an appointment with him. 

It was crazy to me how the wrong address turned out to be the right address. I'm not sure what will happen with him but I am happy that we followed the prompting because I know the Lord used us to bring something into that mans life. The chance to know his Heavenly Father's plan for him. 

We had our Stake conference this week and it was a special broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Cook, Elder Teh, and Sister Mconkie all spoke about simple gospel principles and it was amazing. A sister from our ward also sang an arrangement of 'Because I have Been Given Much.' accompanied by the piano, three violins, and a bamboo flute, and almost had the whole congregation (probably over 600 hundred members) in tears. I was having trouble keeping them back myself. That was the most spiritual part of the meeting.

I love you guys. The church is true and we are so blessed. 


Hey Mom!

I'm still in the same area but I'm leaving on Thursday. President hasn't told me where yet though. It'll for sure be my last area though. I'm really sad to be leaving here. Tarlac is my favorite area. I feel like I've felt the spirit the strongest here and had the most success. I'll be leaving a lot of good friends behind. 

Haha actually for Filipinos it's considered healthy to be chubby. Most of them are skinny though. Elder Evangelista's mom owns a carendaria (fast-food restaurant that sells cooked food to go on rice) and is an amazing cook. That's what he attributes his stoutness to, haha. 
I sure love you Mom!


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