Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 20, 2014

 Elder Hubbard's "batch" that he went to the Manilla Temple with last week. 


Dear Family,
It's been another crazy fast week. We got to go the temple which was probably the best part of it all. It was fun being in Manila with my batch and going through the temple with them all. I'm going to miss those guys. 
This week was our branch conference, and to prepare for it, we had a half day mission with the branch last week and invited a ton of less actives out. We also worked with the branch president on Friday and then a bunch of the members on Saturday. It was crazy how many people turned up. We usually have about 120 for attendance, but yesterday 180 people showed up. A whole bunch of members invited their neighbors and friends and we got to meet a lot of new potential investigators. The branch is really supportive here. 
I also got to help with the choir. Only a few of the choir members had any singing experience, so the choir director and I and one of the sisters helped everyone learn their different parts. For not knowing how to sign myself, I think I did an okay job teaching the Altos (I don't know how I ended up being in charge of the altos) We sang Let Us All Press On, God Speed the Right, and Love One Another. It was pretty brutal for the first verse but then they clicked together and it turned out great. The spirit was really strong, especially when they all sang Love One Another. Erica, one of the recent converts here (she's 11) has a friend named Disney who is Jianna's age that she has been bringing to choir and we are now teaching her. She sang with the choir during the branch conference and is progressing really well now. We are trying to get to know her parents better but they are really shy.They are supportive though and want us to keep teaching Disney. We are trying to plan a FHE with one of the active member families there to help them warm up to the church a little bit. 
We are also teaching the boy friend of one of the Ward Missionaries. They have been dating for a while I guess and whenever we teach he already knows the doctrine. It's clear that this sister has always emphasized the importance of a temple marriage and keeping the commandments in their relationship.and that he has understood exactly what her expectations are. We don't really have to do much because he has been taught so well already. We're kind of just helping him gain a strong testimony and get ready to be baptised. 

I'm not sure if I'll have a baptism in this area, but it still could happen. Either way, I feel good as long as I left the area better than I found it. 
I love you guys! It's crazy that we'll be seeing each other in just a few weeks.

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