Monday, July 28, 2014

July 27, 2014

Dear Family, 

It's been an interesting week. We felt like everyone in Guimba was hiding from us this week but we still had a really good turn out on Sunday with five investigators and eight less active members that we are teaching coming to church. The Sisters (in the same branch as us) also had a lot of people come to church. The branch has been growing really really fast and they are talking about splitting it in the near future and putting a meetinghouse in our area which would be nice because our area is super far away from everything.

I'm not sure what it is here, but the people are terrified of us. It's almost silly...when we walk down the streets everyone rushes inside or turns their back and pretends to be invisible. They'll be sitting down or lying in a hammock but when they see us walk by they grab a broom or a machete or whatever is closest and pretend to be busy. The best one though: We were talking to two younger mothers and one of them pinched her baby to make it cry so that she would have a reason to run away. Poor kid, haha. We have been having tons of success with less actives and member referrals though. I almost feel more successful when a less active comes back because they usually stay strong after they've returned. Recent Converts tend to disappear fast here...there are a few really great ones though. 

I'd say that the great work that the Lord is doing in the hearts of the people here is the most amazing thing that's been happening. We have been visiting several less active families and priesthood holders and it's been amazing to see how the Lord has softened their hearts. We visited this one brother (his wife and daughter are really active) probably about 6 times and he hid from us every time. His wife told us that we'd probably never pin him down but we told her that we'd keep coming back until he was ready to come out, and then one day it happened. We came by and he walked right out of the house with a big smile on his face and we were able to start helping him gain a desire to take his family to the temple. The Elder's Quorum President who hadn't been to church in a really long time started coming back. 

The best story though is from last week. One of the active members from our area hadn't been to church for a few weeks and we dropped by to visit them. It turns out that her mother who lives really far away in a group of huts in the middle of the bukid got really sick. They thought that she was going to die and she almost did. When she was able to breathe properly and start to sit up and stuff again, this member asked us to come and visit her and give her a blessing. We started to visit her and gave the blessing, and when he came back she was able to walk and she told us that after the blessing she had started to feel a lot better and she wanted to know more about the Gospel. The church that she had formerly belonged to didn't even visit her and she had prayed that if she was healed, that she would do all she could to be converted to the Lord. I think it's so cool how the Lord prepares people. We are excited to keep teaching her and her husband. 

I can't believe I only have two weeks left. It's not even funny, but I am excited to see you guys again. 

I'll email you again next week! That might be the last one before I see you guys!

Love you,


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