Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, this week kind of got a little more difficult as far the work goes. That happens occasionally on missions. We had really awesome work last week and the week before and found lots of new investigators but this week they are all hiding. We also had a less active we were teaching get baptized. In the Jehovah's Witness. I was really sad about that but we told her that God and the Church respect her agency and so do we. We taught her about the Book of Mormon one more time and urged her to pray about it again. I don't think she is joining because of any particular doctrine but more because she feels more loved and accepted there. I wish sometimes as members that we would reach out more and show the less actives and recent converts in our wards that they are important and that we love them. 

It's kind of funny though in the Bukid. In the city people will just tell you they aren't interested, but in the farms they let you in the first and second time and then the third time you come back all you see is the dust cloud from where they were sitting a few seconds ago. The best one this week happened with a less active sister. We went to visit her one morning and she was there with her two little kids (a little boy probably about 4 and a little girl lying in a hammock on the porch, probably about 3) and their little cousin. She told us to wait a minute while she walked the little cousin home and left us there with the little girl in the hammock. After about 5 minutes of her not returning I started to get suspicious. Then 10 minutes passed, and 15 minutes...We were ready to leave at that point but how could we leave this little baby all by herself on their front porch. So I just swung the hammock back and forth and we waited for a HALF HOUR. Still hadn't came back. The kid was asleep by then, so we just left her there in the hammock. That sister was really smart...she managed to avoid us while putting her kid to sleep at the same time, haha. 

There were also some good things that happened this week. We are teaching a recently returned less active and felt that we should read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with her. We chose Moroni 10 and read the whole thing and as she read one of the verses she felt the spirit really strongly and it brought her to tears. I wanted to ask her why but felt something stopping me. I guess it was enough for me to know that the message we had chosen had touched her heart in the way it needed too. The Book of Mormon really is such a power tool in conversion. 

We also had a small miracle last night. We got finished with our last appointment around 9 and were waiting for a jeepney by the highway. Three jeepneys passed by and didn't stop. We also had turned down an offer earlier to ride a trike. All of a sudden it started to rain softly (which means you have about five minutes before a waterfall pours out of the sky) and we saw another pair of headlights coming towards us that looked like a jeepney so we flagged it down. It turns out it was a little cargo truck and the driver stopped and let us get on. As the rain got really strong he told us, "It's a good thing I took the truck...I almost took my motorcycle this morning." His name was Gary and he had driven up from Manila to visit his mother-in-law. He also told us that he always takes the other highway (the one that doesn't go through our area) and that this was the first time he's come that way. We were able to introduce ourselves and give him a pamphlet real quick before we got home. It was such a simple thing, but I really feel like the Lord's hand was in it because way too many things happened for that pamphlet to get to him, haha. 

Last night, to break our fast, we made no-bakes and ate them with ice cream that we bought on Saturday. It was super good but felt pretty sick after. I haven't eaten that much sugar in one go since I was at home still. 

Things are going well! I really like the story from Dad's journal. That is quite the finding experience. Did he ever get baptized?

I love you guys!

Have an awesome week!

Love Jared. 

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