Wednesday, August 13, 2014

chicharron August 4, 2014 last week

 Jackfruit. That thing probably weighed 30 lbs. 

Frog! this is my second time eating it. It's way good though

Hello family!

This has been a great week! There are so many things that are going through my head right now that I don't know where to start but the work here is moving forward really fast. We had another half day mission with the branch yesterday and tons of people showed up. We split into eight groups with five names of less active members to each group. I got to be one of the group leaders and one of the recent converts from the sisters area came with me (he was baptized last week). He bore his testimony yesterday and shared his conversion story and it was really powerful. His cousin also came...and (this is the best) she is still an investigator! She's only come to church twice but she is super ready to be baptized. She even bore her testimony to the less actives we visited. The sisters have some seriously golden investigators, haha. We have some really good ones as well. 

Disney (the girl we are teaching who is Jianna's age) told us this week that she is ready na ready (super ready) to be baptized so we scheduled it for this week. I have mentioned before that I usually don't baptized youth who aren't part-members of an active family but Disney has been coming to church for a long time and has a good testimony of the gospel. She comes with her friend Erica who is the only member of her family and is only 11. They go to every class and even joined the choir. It is a blessing to have a baptism in my last area. 

We've seen a lot of opportunities open up this week with relatives and friends of those we are already teaching. I think I mentioned Jeg a few emails back (the boyfriend of one of the active ward missionaries). He is doing really good and will probably be baptized sometimes in August. We met his parents and started teaching them too this week, and by the third visit we were able to meet one of his brothers and his niece and they are interested in listening too. Jeg and his parents are some of the nicest people I've ever met. His parents are like my grandparents here. I accidentally left my face towel (the one I use for keeping sweat off of my face) at their house and when we came back Nanay had washed it, folded it, and even sewn part of it back together for me. They are great and hopefully will be able to come to church soon. 

About the title of this companion and I have become addicted to chicharron. It's basically super deep fried pig skin (or pork rind I guess in English). We ate a whole bag each last night to break our fast and got really sick. It's really light and crunchy and it's way good with vinegar (Just so you know, you will have to get used to me eating vinegar with everything when I get home, haha). We ate another bag this morning and then decided that we need to buy some fruit this afternoon. 

I love you guys and I know the gospel is true. My mission may be coming to an end but our mission as the saints in these latter days won't end until the Lord is here on the earth with us again. I am both sad and excited to leave here but I am ready to see what else the Lord would have me do to hasten his Work in the world.

Have an awesome week and I'll see you soon. 


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